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Good News for Shiba Inu Investors! Is It Expected? Robinhood May List SHIB On This Date

So much so that, according to the emerging information, the popular crypto trading exchange is preparing to list the Shiba Inu in 2022.

Good News for Shiba Inu Investors! Is It Expected? Robinhood May List SHIB On This Date

Investors of the popular prank currency Shiba Inu have been looking forward to crypto trading exchange Robinhood’s listing of SHIB for a long time, and the secret information that has emerged may delight SHIB investors this time.

So much so that, according to the emerging information, the popular crypto trading exchange is preparing to list the Shiba Inu in 2022.

Robinhood Prepares for Shiba Inu Listing

Shiba Inu investors struggled for a long time to get the popular prank currency listed on the Robinhood exchange and even launched petitions for it.

However, the statements from Robinhood were always negative. According to the information revealed this time, the famous crypto trading exchange may be preparing to list Shiba Inu in 2022 .

Crypto commentator Ask The Doctor revealed that a source close to him has confirmed that Robinhood will definitely list SHIB. He stated that the Robinhood team is currently working on a large number of integrations to list SHIB on the stock market.

The team of the popular crypto trading exchange wants to make the process as smooth as possible without any technical issues. The team continues to work on launching exchange wallets for SHIB to be listed on Robinhood between March and April 2022 after the arrival of Robinhood wallets.

Confidential Source: SHIB Listing Coming March-April

Ask The Doctor made the following statements in his posts on Twitter;

A reliable source told me the following timelines.

“Robinhood: will list the popular prank currency Shiba Inu in March-April 2022. (Lots of backend integrations are required for it to work properly, plus the developer team is working on releasing their wallets.)

Binance: Another popular prank currency, Floki Inu, will be listed on Binance next week.”

On the other hand, on December 10, Information from ShibReports confirmed that crypto trading exchange Robinhood will list the Shiba Inu in January 2022.

We mentioned earlier that the main reason for SHIB’s delayed listing on Robinhood is the release of its Robinhood wallet, it will wait until Robinhood releases its wallets and may not announce the SHIB listing. Robinhood wallet program is in testing phase, Robinhood will launch wallets in Q1 2022 after introducing wallets, there is more than 100% chance for Robinhood to add SHIB , so Robinhood’s December 2021 SHIB listing is out of the question.

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