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Goldman Sachs Manager: “Bitcoin Is An Unmissable Opportunity”

Goldman Sachs Manager: “Bitcoin Is An Unmissable Opportunity”

Raoul Pal, former Goldman Sachs executive and hedge fund manager, said Bitcoin (BTC) is an opportunity offered to retail investors and institutional investors.In a Youtube interview with Jerry Hall, Pal claimed that an eligible Bitcoin swap-investment fund (ETF) will bring billions of dollars to BTC and the market value of the leading cryptocurrency will increase exponentially.

“Bitcoin is perhaps one of the greatest opportunities in our lives. Billions of dollars will flow into Bitcoin with the launch of an ETF. Every family with a retirement plan should buy Bitcoins, regardless of the price. “

In an interview, Pal stated that for now, major funds and institutions are trying to understand Bitcoin , but it is not easy to trade yet. Pointing out that with Bitcoin becoming more understandable, there will be BTC in all areas of trade , Pal said that we should not miss this opportunity.

With the recognition of Bitcoin and some crypto currencies in the collective crypto money market by countries, crypto coins have started to take place in more parts of our lives. The cryptocurrency community will come to a much better place in the coming days, thanks to these developments, which seem small, but are very important in the crypto money market, such as the permission of crypto coins to be stored in banks and accepted as inheritance.

The areas of use of crypto currencies in countries continue to expand day by day. While some companies include cryptocurrencies among their payment methods, some countries prefer to use cryptocurrencies for reasons they do not have. For example, because of the economic embargoes Iran is experiencing, it has been paying great attention to the cryptocurrency sector and cryptocurrency mining especially recently. Iran can pierce existing embargoes thanks to cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, some countries in economic impasse, such as Venezuela, have started to use cryptocurrencies frequently in money transfers and payment methods. When we consider these developments, it is an inevitable fact that crypto coins will be in our lives in every field

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