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Giant Transfer of 20 Million XRP from Ripple!

Giant Transfer of 20 Million XRP from Ripple!

XRPL Monitor tracking account, by moving 20 million XRP of Ripple blockchain decacorn; He reported on Twitter that he transferred half of these XRPs to the ODL corridor at Bitstamp.Meanwhile, the European-based exchange has also carried 20 million XRP, and former Ripple CTO Jed McCaleb also sent 5.7 million XRP to receive cash.

Ripple Moves 20 Million XRP, Half Goes to Bitstamp

The XRPL monitor reported that San Francisco-based DLT company Ripple made a transfer by moving 20 million XRP from the RL18-VN wallet (equivalent to $ 4,979,715 in fiat currency).Half of that amount was sent to Bitstamp , a Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange, which Ripple uses as one of the ODL corridors .

Ripple’s ODL Corridors around the world

The blockchain giant, as it is known, owns about half of all XRP supply in circulation. Ripple uses its XRP reserves for investment projects and charities, and also sells it to financial institutions.However, Ripple recently reported that they intend to slow XRP sales.

Other ODL corridors that Ripple has created with the MoneyGram remittance giant are located in Mexico, Australia and the Philippines.As previously reported by Theblockchainnew; By the end of this year, Ripple is looking to use more ODL corridors in Africa and Asia.

Jed McCaleb Continues to Cash Out His XRP

Ripple’s former senior executive (CTO) and founder Jed McCaleb moved another 5.7 million XRP from its “tacostand” wallet today, as XRPL Monitor reported.

In fiat currency, this amount equates to $ 1,418,053. Jed McCaleb has been selling huge amounts of XRP that he has bought from Ripple since 2013.

This stands out as part of the agreement between him and the company as he is the founder of Ripple.

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