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Giant Investment Company Announces Its Positions in Bitcoin, Ripple and 3 Altcoin!

Giant Investment Company Announces Its Positions in Bitcoin, Ripple and 3 Altcoin!

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment company Grayscale, which manages over $ 4 billion in assets, has announced its cryptocurrencies and their weight in the fund through the Digital Large Cap fund. According to the quarterly data of the Digital Large Cap fund, the fund includes cryptocurrencies named Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple , Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. According to the data, in the first quarter of the year, Bitcoin has a 81 percent share in the Digital Large Cap fund, while Ethereum has a 9.6 percent, XRP 5 percent, Bitcoin Cash 2.8 percent and Litecoin 1.6 percent. he had a share.


When Grayscale announces the second quarter figures for its fund “Digital Large Cap”, it is seen that the share of cryptocurrencies from the fund has changed. According to the second quarter figures, Bitcoin’s share in the fund increased to 81.5 percent and Ethereum’s share rose to 11.7 percent. However, the weight of the other 3 cryptocurrencies in the fund seems to decrease. In the Digital Large Cap fund, now XRP’s weight is 3.6 percent, Bitcoin Cash’s weight is 2 percent, and Litecoin’s share has fallen to 1.2 percent. This is a clear indication that institutional investor interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum has increased, as evidenced by other data.

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