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Giant Bitcoin Exchange Returning to China

One of the world's largest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi returns to its country three years later.

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Giant Bitcoin Exchange Returning to China

Chongqing Big Data Applications Development Administration and Yubei District government; Last Thursday, Huobi signed an agreement with China to open a new center in Chongqing mega city.

Huobi will establish its new center in the industrial area Xiantao International Big Data Valley, which aims to be a hub for emerging technology departments.According to the agreement, the three parties will also work together to create a “blockchain industry base” where issues such as “creating projects, conducting research studies and creating industrial brands” will come together.

Huobi was originally founded in China by Leon Li, a graduate of Tsinghua University in 2013, but was hit hard by Beijing in September 2017 with the ban on Bitcoin exchanges and ICOs.Later, it started operations in Singapore in November of the same year and in Japan in December.

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