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Giant Bitcoin, Ethereum Whales Take Action, 1 Billion XRP Unlocked!

Giant Bitcoin, Ethereum Whales Take Action, 1 Billion XRP Unlocked!

Whale watchers watched two separate movements of 6,000 BTC worth a total of $ 114 million from the Bithumb crypto exchange to an unknown wallet. The tracking bot Whale Alert, which tracked the movements, detected both processes.

What’s in the Movements?

To prevent fear, uncertainty and suspicion, the bot is designed to clearly reveal inward crypto transfers handled by exchanges and to distinguish other transfers from these transfers. If Bithumb does not carry its own assets in the two transfers , it is stated that a trader or another institution may have been behind these transfers after a large purchase order, shifting their BTC to a special wallet.

It carried a total of 9,400 BTC worth $ 89.4 million with four additional transfers in the past 24 hours.Two of these transfers included moving from the cryptocurrency exchange to an unknown wallet. Let us emphasize that these moves are a rising trend in recent months.

Transfers Made

1,500 BTC worth $ 14.3 million were transferred from Binance to OKEx.

2,898 BTC worth $ 27.7 million transferred from Bithumb to unknown wallet

1,502 BTC worth $ 14.3 million transferred from OKEx to unknown wallet

3,500 BTC worth $ 33.2 million transferred from unknown wallet to OKEx

Ethereum whales continue their moves. 468,189 ETH worth of $ 110.5 million were launched.

There are 124,852 ETH worth $ 29.6 million transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet.

38,501 ETH worth $ 9.1 million transferred from unknown wallet to Bitfinex

30,000 ETH worth $ 6.9 million transferred from Binance to unknown wallet.

There are also 274,836 ETH worth $ 64.9 million transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet.

Meanwhile, Ripple’s monthly XRP move continues. The stock exchange again removed 1 Billion XRP from the purse wallet and made these funds available to institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the first quarter of this year , Ripple announced that it sold $ 1.75 million of XRP as a counter top. The company has more than half of the total supply of digital assets. The company also sent 79,719,524 XRP worth $ 16.2 million to founder Jed McCaleb today as part of an agreement between the two parties.

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