“Get Ready for the New Wave!”: Here is Gold, Bitcoin and Dollar Forecasting from World Famous Economist

“Get Ready for the New Wave!”: Here is Gold, Bitcoin and Dollar Forecasting from World Famous Economist.

Dan Tapiero, founder of Gold Bullion International, sees a rising pattern for gold, Bitcoin and stocks on the EUR / USD chart. The master analyst shares a critical forecast for gold, Bitcoin, and stocks.


Dan Tapiero: Big dollar drop could pump gold, Bitcoin and stocks!

Dan Tapiero, co-founder of Gold Bullion International, saw a Cup And Handle (C&H) bullish pattern on the EUR / USD chart. Dan Tapiero predicts that a major USD drop will lead to an uptrend for Bitcoin, gold and stocks. The C&H pattern is usually treated as a bullish graphic formation, which, as the name suggests, resembles a U-shaped container with a handle. 

This pattern occurs when sellers prepare for an attack to lower the price after a particular asset has folded into a downtrend and regained its previous high level. However, according to experts, the price of the asset will continue to rise after a fall (if the bottom is not V-shaped). The EUR / USD pair is advancing after IHS Markit’s PMI data show signs of economic recovery. On June 23, the STOXX Europe 600 index closed 1.3 percent in the news.       

Gold news

Famous analyst announces critical bull signal for gold and Bitcoin

Recently, JPMorgan predicted that the price of US stocks could be collected more than 47 percent. As previously reported by cryptocoin, Dan Tapiero said that JPMorgan’s super bullish call on stocks is also good news for Bitcoin. Dan Tapiero predicts that this may be seen as an opposite signal by investors and expects the excess cash to flow into gold and Bitcoin . 

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