Flash Bitcoin Collapse on BitMEX Crypto Puts Twitter’s Agenda

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Flash Bitcoin Collapse on BitMEX Crypto Puts Twitter’s Agenda

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies dropped significantly towards the evening today. Bitcoin price in BitMEX fell from $ 10,150 to $ 8,600 in 15 minutes.

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What makes this decline interesting is that the level at which the decline occurred, that is, a decline up to $ 8,600, is $ 700 more compared to exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi and OKEx. Regarding the issue, Alex Krüger makes it clear in his tweet:

Binance CEO responds to Alex Krüger’s twee, saying that liquidity will save money.

Crypto journalist / research Zack Voell makes an interesting observation, which indicates that Bitcoin bulls and bears were whipped in BitMEX:

Crypto analyst / trader Josh Rager points out how important it is to issue stop-loss orders in this type of volatility:

Popular technical analyst Cred Bitcoin reveals his thoughts about the latest price action and states how to act at the point of price mobility:

CryptoQuant, a blockchain analytics initiative, says that the price drop today could be caused by Bitcoin whales, which carried cryptocurrencies to Binance and BitMEX a few hours before the decline:


At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 9,528.

Today’s price drop offers new buying opportunities for Bitcoin hodis. Scott Melker, a crypto trader in Texas West Capital, is humorously handling today’s Bitcoin flash collapse and says, “Last Minute Development: Bitcoin Dumped Levels Never Seen Before Yesterday.”

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