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Famous Rapper’s Bitcoin Statements Are Surprised

Famous Rapper’s Bitcoin Statements Are Surprised

Kanye West was a guest on a broadcast to discuss Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies once again. This time, Joe Rogan, who published an episode with the world-famous artist and designer on October 24, received the views of the famous rapper about Bitcoin in the program called Experience.

Kanye West Speaks Bitcoin

Kayne West took to the agenda of Joe Rogan’s world-famous podcast in about three hours. Interestingly, Bitcoin and crypto assets were also among the topics he was talking about.West has discussed Bitcoin in the past. In an interview with Charlamagne in 2018, he said he sees the presence as a place where they can put their money. He named the cryptocurrency along with credit cards and cash.

In a recent interview with Rogan, the famous rapper said he recently talked to his friends about Bitcoin and crypto. He said he did this in preparation for the Rogan interview. In terms of context, Joe Rogan has been a longtime supporter of cryptocurrencies, repeating Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos on his program and guiding guests like Jack Dorsey on the subject.

Interesting Idea for West

West said he found it very interesting that Bitcoin advocates had an idea of ​​”the true salvation of America and humanity.”

“Many tech people can use these new highways, these new knowledge highways, to create the next frontier of humanity.” West’s friend Tesla and SpaceX’s CEO Elon Musk are also interested in Bitcoin. He once described the structure of the cryptocurrency as “brilliant”, and in his later comments made statements that the cryptocurrency could be valuable today due to the inflation of the US dollar and other fiat currencies.

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