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Famous Rapper Arrested With Money Laundering Crime By FBI

Famous Rapper Arrested With Money Laundering Crime By FBI.

 United States officials arrested a Russian citizen under allegations of money laundering – the evidence they had was an Instagram account, where the citizen introduced his rap career.

With the court opened on March 30, an FBI investigator claimed that Maksim Boiko was laundering money using BTC-e, the disgraced stock market, using cryptocurrency. Officials also say they are plotting with Boiko’s international organized crime organization, QQAAZZ.

First detention in Miami in January

Apparently, Los Angeles resident Boiko entered the United States on January 19 with $ 20,000 in cash. According to the FBI statement, Boiko said in a statement to airport security that the money came from his investments in Bitcoin and his rental properties in Russia.

The authorities, who did not believe much in this statement, arrested Boiko again in Miami on March 27.

What is not mentioned is that Boiko also has a rapper identity under the name Plinofficial – even this one he uses in an email address that the FBI has identified in connection with money laundering operations.

Boiko allegedly used [email protected] to open an account on BTC-e. According to the FBI, “Data from BTC-e showed that Boiko’s account received $ 387,964 deposits and attracted about 136 Bitcoins.”

Proven with social media

Boiko’s presence on social media was an important factor in the investigation. The FBI inspector, who testifies against Boiko, said his photos on Instagram are inconsistent with the practices of a legitimate trading operation and are consistent with the court’s allegations. For this reason, it has been revealed that Boiko has been involved in illegal money laundering with significant cybercrime in the past few years.

Indeed, there are many photos in which Boiko’s Instagram holds large sums of money. The court shared the following photos on Instagram on May 13, 2017 and March 24, 2016, respectively:

According to sworn statements, even though Boiko started money laundering in 2015, on his social media platform VKontakte, he found photos of Boiko, which now contains the largest nominal value of 5,000 rubles in Russia:

Boiko is expected to go on trial today, April 2.

The role of BTC-e in money laundering

BTC-e, which played an important role in Boiko’s drama, was a cryptocurrency exchange closed by the US Department of Justice in 2017.

There were reports of a nearly half-billion-dollar BTC lost to the Russian intelligence agency FSB last fall.

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