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Famous Billionaire Dogecoin (DOGE) Confession: Sold His Shares and Bought DOGE?

Famous Billionaire Dogecoin (DOGE) Confession: Sold His Shares and Bought DOGE?

Mark Cuban, after Elon Musk Dogecoin the ‘ E (DOGE) was another billionaire who are interested. The famous entrepreneur and billionaire investor, who owns the majority shares of the Dallas Mavericks, shocked everyone with his statement today.

DOGE Price Increased 5 Times in a Short Time

Mark Cuban emphasized that while the DOGE price is trading at $ 0.10, it will not stop until it reaches the $ 1 level. DOGE has indeed seen $ 0.60 as of the time this article was written, and is progressing step by step to $ 1. Cuban announced today that it has sold its majority stake in the NBA Mavericks team to invest in DOGE.

Cuban confessed to selling a majority stake in his team to Keith Gill, who was known as the “deepfuckingvalue” on Reddit and started the GameStop craze. Expressing that he now only owns 5% of the team, Cuban may be joking the whole world. Cuban, who has invested in DOGE, which is seen as a joke cryptocurrency by selling the shares of one of the biggest basketball teams in the world, may be seeing something that many investors have not seen.

Billionaire Who Sold His Shares to DOGE

Cuban thinks the DOGE price will soon go up to $ 1, and in this case, it is possible that DOGE will become the second largest cryptocurrency. Cuban concluded the related tweet series by emphasizing that cryptocurrencies have real value and that people create it. Cuban, who touched on cryptocurrencies such as DOGE, BTC and ETH and their different features in the tweet series, took a very risky step.

Attention to DOGE’s Price Movements

The DOGE price has increased by 46% within 24 hours as of the time this article was written. DOGE, the fourth largest cryptocurrency, has risen 11% even in the past 1 hour. Although Cuban’s move seems to have earned him for now, it should not be forgotten that DOGE lost 50% in 2 days before.

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