Famous Analyst Warns of Hard Drop, Even Though Bitcoin (BTC) Has New Record

Famous Analyst Warns of Hard Drop, Even Though Bitcoin (BTC) Has New Record

Bitcoin (BTC); It succeeded in closing the green monthly for six consecutive months, repeating a record unseen since 2013. BTC, which had its sixth-month green closing on the Bitstamp crypto currency exchange, experienced the biggest rise in its history the last time it did so.

Bitcoin Signals New Rally

The last time Bitcoin ‘s rally went this far and saw the sixth month, the leading cryptocurrency had an incredible correction at first. BTC price dropped incredibly sharply 55% after the sixth-month green close and remained at these levels for 3 months. Bitcoin, which withdrew from $ 140 to $ 62 and lost half of its value, could experience a similar situation, according to a famous analyst.

After this decline, Bitcoin broke a historical record by rising to $ 1,000 with its rally starting at $ 62. The BTC price rose above $ 1,000 for the first time at that time, and it is known to be a milestone and milestone for everyone. Although Bitcoin is currently the favorite of institutional investors, the panic that was experienced before can still be experienced or deliberate. It can also be said that this is actually a manipulation of giant investors to buy more BTC.

Brandt Warns Against $ 50,000 Drop in BTC Price

Famous analyst Peter Brandt, who successfully predicted Bitcoin’s previous two parabolic rises, made a stern statement about this rise. Brandt warned investors, stating that a “$ 50,000 correction” was still possible. Although the Bitcoin price is seen at $ 59,000 at the time of this writing, it could be much higher than the levels Brandt expects to correct.

Will BTC Price See $ 150,000?

When the famous analyst was asked when he expected this correction, he actually made a much more positive statement. Stressing that this correction could be experienced at $ 150,000 and the BTC price could drop to $ 100,000, Peter signaled that only then could a $ 50,000 correction be experienced.

Peter Brandt, in his previous Bitcoin statements, emphasized that the price could go up to $ 200,000 and above. Brandt’s estimate of a $ 50,000 drop may not affect investors at all at $ 150,000.

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