Expert Analyst Announces Bitcoin Expectations: How Many Digits Is The Target In BTC Price?

Alessio Rastani announced his expectation about the flagship of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin.

Expert Analyst Announces Bitcoin Expectations: How Many Digits Is The Target In BTC Price?

Cryptocurrency investor and analyst Alessio Rastani shared his predictions about the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin . The popular analyst believes that the current bull market has entered its final phase. Bitcoin continues its course above $ 60,000.

Bitcoin Price Forecast

Alessio Rastani, who has 338,000 followers on Youtube, announced his expectation about the flagship Bitcoin of the crypto money market . Rastani believes that Bitcoin has entered the final phase of the bull run and the $100,000 target will be reached. Rastani based his prediction on Elliott Wave Theory.

The popular name thinks we’re entering the final wave of a bull trend that started in early 2019 and should peak at some point next year:

Once these five waves are complete, we will have entered the final wave of a bull trend aiming for the top.

Citing research by financial expert Jason Goepfert, Rastani predicts that the next Bitcoin bear market could coincide with a broader downtrend in traditional markets that could come in the next few years. Rastani pointed out that Bitcoin would be negatively impacted by the correction, given that both stocks and BTC are assets at risk:

When risk appetite increases, both markets rise. However, if the appetite decreases, the decrease comes.

Bitcoin Price

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) maintains bullish momentum as the US SEC approves a Bitcoin ETF . BTC; continues its attempts to improve the ATH level with on-chain data and the latest developments. BTC, which is currently only 6% behind its all-time high, is walking towards its target of $ 100,000 according to expert expectations.

The crypto money market, which has caught an upward trend with BTC , has turned green. Dogecoin (DOGE) is trading at $0.23, Shiba Inu

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