Exper Token and Exper Stake platform review 2021

Exper Token and Exper Stake platform Review 2021

EXPER Token Binance blockchain (bscscan.com) is built on. Because it is intended to appeal to a worldwide audience, the software that implements the Binance blockchain is open-source so that everyone can make additional improvements on it , and billions of people can use the system for their financial needs. Imagine an open, collaborative financial ecosystem developed by programmers and organizations, where people and businesses can use expert in their day-to-day transactions. With the proliferation of smartphones and mobile data, more and more people will be online and able to access Ader with these new services. In order for the Exper ecosystem to achieve this vision over time, Binance chose the Smart chain instead of building a blockchain from scratch, prioritizing scalability, security, storage, efficiency and future adaptability.

What Is The Exper Project?

As we embark on this journey, we feel it is important to Share our unique experiences and continuous innovations to position the community and ecosystem together around this initiative.
⦁ We believe that more people should have access to financial services and cheap ‘commissions’.
We believe that people have the right to manage their labor.
⦁ We believe that global, open, instant and low-cost currency movement will create tremendous economic opportunities and more trade around the world.
⦁ We believe that global currency and financial infrastructure should be designed and managed as a public interest.
⦁ We believe that we all have a responsibility to advance financial participation, support ethical actors, and constantly promote the integrity of the ecosystem.

We all witness that Blockchain technology, which allows every transaction made simultaneously around the world to be seen by everyone, does not challenge any information pollution thanks to its free and unique algorithm, and we crown it with the Exper project.

Global Exper Project

It’s time to create a next-generation digital currency built on blockchain technology. The mission of eper is a strong global currency and financial infrastructure that reaches billions of people. Exper consists of three parts that will work together to create a more inclusive financial system;

Built on a secure, scalable and reliable blockchain; Binance (BSc) blockchain with BSc infrastructure.
Desteklenir backed by an asset reserve designed to give an intrinsic value; limited amount.
It is managed by The Independent Exper community tasked with developing the ecosystem.

Our vision is to create an interactive ecosystem where the source of anything of value is a common part of everyday life. When it comes to consumption, we envision a platform where people are very aware of their environment and can connect with each other in a more poignant way by integrating with their environment.
Our mission is to enable Binance Smart chain to develop an intelligent application platform integrated with the BSc blockchain standards, ensuring the tracking and monitoring of the origins of goods and products, as well as the dated recording of their ties to ensure the establishment of legitimacy and heritage across generations. All of this is integrated with an interactive and user-friendly experience along with a stylish reward system.

Problems and EXPER solutions

  • Issues:
    1) Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are not easy to use and do not invite new users.
    2) there is limited space for your digital assets and no option to centrally manage them.
    3) Most banks today offer any of these options and are set up more often than on a global scale.

With mobile phones now so productive, the opportunity to manage one’s financial freedom has never been more accessible. As the Internet and mobile devices enter global environments, we see our services strengthen and ultimately offer a solution to this global problem.

Exper has a hybrid approach to safety and ease of use against the” ease of use ” problem. Our current technology is built on the foundation of the best known blockchain, the BSc blockchain. Because we don’t hold money or cryptocurrencies on behalf of our users, and are truly unique using the latest smartphone security already available on your mobile device, Exper won’t be hacked.

This is the basic foundation that has attracted our users for the past four years.

Rooted solution to decentralized workflow: EXPER TOKEN
The technological revolution has been tremendously effective in optimizing firms ‘ internal processes. But when we look at the inter-organizational processes, we see that these changes are not so effective. At best, paper forms and faxes have been replaced by digital forms or e-mail, but the processes underlying them have barely changed.

Institutions are hardly willing to rely on external systems run by the party, which is at the other end of the process. But decentralized workflows that are not under the control of a party or institution can solve this problem.

Many institutions still have problems with the concept of decentralized systems. Fortunately, some inspiring institutions in the transport sector and, surprisingly, the EU government support the use of this technology. The results of these trial programs show a decrease in costs and an increase in efficiency. In line with these developments, 2019 is conceived to see large-scale decentralized projects developed on blockchain.

  • Self-dominant identities
    Although there is great enthusiasm for SSI-self-Sovereign Identities, it seems unlikely that they will be adopted and used on a large scale in the short term. Rather than SSI systems, high-profile new unified authentication systems are regularly released.

However, although the troops impose their own unified systems, the integrators are dissatisfied and the use is relatively low. Currently, identity services only seem to operate at a national level. Some countries have more than one service, while some countries have no service.

SSI systems are not limited only by national borders, but rather allow everyone to participate. The growing popularity of public key authentications may give SSI systems the chance they need.

  • Tokonization
    From the tokenization of real estate, loyalty points to the tokenization of carbon emission rights, the idea of tokenization has mobilized the dream world of the blockchain community.

One of the most anticipated use cases of blockchain is the use of tokens that cannot be exchanged in the supply chain to fight counterfeit products. Although organizations are trying to solve this problem of up to $ 2 trillion, it looks like it will take years for us to see their applications that can be used in the real world on a large scale.

Supply chain solutions face some significant challenges, such as the requirement for all


* Smart Contract
* Decentralized Certification
* Internet Coverage Expansion
* Easy Mobile Apps Accessible To Everyone
* Audit Contracts
* Community Earnings
* Reference Earnings
* Tokonization
* Identification
* Providing Decentralized Workflow
* Software Solutions

We Are Social 2020 World Internet, social media and mobile usage statistics – General table

* 4.54 billion internet users, 59% of the world’s population
* 3.80 billion social media users, 49% of the world’s population
* 5.19 billion mobile users constitute 67% of the world’s population.

We Are Social 2020 World Internet, social media and mobile usage statistics – annual growth rates

Internet user numbers 7% (298 million)
Number of social media users 9.2% (321 million)
The number of mobile users increased by 2.4% (124 million).”As the value rises, heads begin to turn and skeptics soften. Launching a new currency is easy, anyone can. The trick is to get people to accept it, because it is their use that gives “money” value. ”
– Adam B. Levine, CEO Of Tokenly

Covid – 19 when we follow the studies that coincided with the global pandemic period;
People are unable to leave their homes, and it is obvious that they have problems communicating with banks, ATMs and other institutions.Exper token, which has recently been designed to make the importance of cryptocurrencies much better understood under heavier conditions, is launching the ‘Exper Kindness Movement’ in a global sense. Don’t wait any longer to be part of this global force.

Token Details

Symbol: EXPER
Standard: BSC
Total supply: 100,000,000 Exper
Decimal Number (Decimal): 18
Contract Address: https://bscscan.com/token/0xa2d53c89891bc5cfdee1e38d3983f64491163b43

Our Social Media Accounts

Website: https://cryptoexper.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/expertoken
Twitter : https://twitter.com/expertoken
Whitepaper: https://cryptoexper.com/whitepaper.pdf
Medium: https://medium.com/@expertoken

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