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Elon Musk Announces, Tesla Can Now Be Taken With Bitcoin (BTC)!

Elon Musk Announces, Tesla Can Now Be Taken With Bitcoin (BTC)!

According to a statement made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, Tesla cars can now be purchased with Bitcoin. This news is thought to be a turning point for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin.

Tesla and Bitcoin

All of the company’s electric cars can now be purchased with the leading cryptocurrency. So those who want to buy Model S, Model Y, Model 3 and Model X can now buy their cars by paying with Bitcoin.

Tesla first announced in early February that it would begin to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for its products in talks with the US Securities and Exchange Commission . It seems that Tesla wasted no time and took the expected step.

Tesla, Musk and Bitcoin Steps

Elon Musk ‘s company announced on February 8 that it officially purchased $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin (BTC). After this news, the issue of when to buy Tesla with Bitcoin was also on the agenda.

In addition, Elon Musk wrote “Bitcoin” in his Twitter biography in the past few weeks , and in a very short time, the price of Bitcoin increased by $ 6,000.

In addition, Musk is also known for his interest in Dogecoin, and his frequent statements about DOGE both affect the price of crypto money and increase the interest in DOGE.

Bitcoin Price

After Elon Musk’s announcement, it is seen that the Bitcoin price has also moved upwards. The leading crypto currency, which has been in a downward trend in recent days, rose from $ 54,000 to $ 55,700 with the news.

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