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Dogecoin Adoption Grows: How Is DOGE Price?

Important news about Dogecoin (DOGE) continues to come. So, how is the price of the meme token affected by this situation?

Dogecoin Adoption Grows: How Is DOGE Price?

AMC Theaters’ mobile app now allows to buy tickets and earn various discounts using DogecoinThe company’s CEO, Adam Aron, announced the news on Twitter on April 15. After announcing in November that it was investigating how to accept cryptocurrencies, the company now supports crypto payments using Bitpay.

Dogecoin Is Now Everywhere

With the statements made on August 9, 2021, Bitcoin and Ethereum -based payments were accepted via PayPal . Additionally, the world’s largest cinema chain AMCmeme has started accepting the cryptocurrency Dogecoin as a payment method.

AMC is among the first US movie theater chains to accept cryptocurrency, and tickets can now be purchased through BitPay. Users can purchase cryptocurrency tickets in two ways: they can connect a cryptocurrency wallet or they can get an address to which funds will be sent. In addition, AMC also offers payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Alongside AMC, Regal Cinemas, another well-known American movie theater chain, has recently partnered with Flexa, a digital payments company, to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Ethereum for movie tickets, snacks and other purchases. .

In addition, Starbucks also supports cryptocurrency payments. However, it should be underlined that this application is currently not available in Turkey, as it is prohibited to purchase goods or services with cryptocurrencies in our country.

Dogecoin Price

DOGE is trading at $0.14 as of the writing of the article and has been moving between $0.17 and $0.13 for the last 2 weeks. Although there are rising moves in these news from time to time, DOGE generally moves with the market and positive news does not make great pricing.

For DOGE, $0.17 is currently forming the first strong resistance while $0.13 seems to be forming the first strong support.

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