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Current Situation in HOLO and WINk: Decline in HOT and WIN Deepens

Current Situation in HOLO and WINk: Decline in HOT and WIN Deepens

Holo (HOT) and WINk (WIN) have been talked a lot in the crypto money ecosystem for the last 10 days. Because both cryptocurrencies have made very serious increases. In fact, comparing the prices of both cryptocurrencies a month ago with the prices during the rallies, it is seen that the increases are very large.

However, both HOT and WIN have been on a bearish chart for two days and the gains seem to be wiping out one by one.

Free Fall in HOT

Holo started its last bullish chart in early April and the price moved from the $ 0.016 level. Having reached the peak on the bullish chart in about 5 days, HOT broke its own record with $ 0.0316 on April 5.

In addition , considering the level of $ 0.0027, which HOT was traded at the beginning of March, it is understood how the upward trend progressed rapidly in 1 month.

However, HOT started a decline after its peak price on April 5 and red candles started to appear in a row. HOT price dropped to $ 0.0190 and is trading at $ 0.0230 as of the time of writing.

Analysts warned investors that a serious correction could occur after the rapid rise. However, HOT is expected to move on the horizontal line for a while before the uptrend chart resumes.

WIN: 27% Loss in 24 Hours

WIN was among the cryptocurrencies that were on the rise at the same time as HOT and made its investors happy. WIN, which started the bullish chart at the same time with HOT, appears to be falling at the same time as HOT.

WIN started its bullish chart in early April and set an all-time high on April 5 with $ 0.0029. Later, red candles began to appear in a row in WIN, and the price dropped to $ 0.0013. In WIN , which was traded at $ 0.0018 at the time of publication , analysts warn that the decline may continue for a while.

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