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Critical FED Meeting: What Statement Did FED Chairman Jerome Powell Give?

Critical FED Meeting: What Statement Did FED Chairman Jerome Powell Give?

As we have stated before; The eyes and ears of the markets were at the US Federal Reserve’s (FED) meeting. At the meeting held tonight, it was decided to keep the interest rates constant (0-0.25) and it was decided that the asset purchase program will continue at the same pace.

Who Opposed the Interest Rate?

While the decisions taken out of the meeting were taken by 8 votes to 2; Despite the decision not to change the interest rate, opposing votes came from the states of Dallas and Minnepolis.

In the statement made after this historical meeting, it was emphasized that the path to be followed by the US economy will depend on the development of the coronavirus epidemic and the following statements were made:

Economic activity and employment have recovered in recent months, but remain well below the levels at the beginning of the year. The path the US economy will follow depends on how the virus will run. The coronavirus will put pressure on the economy both in the short and long term. ” 

Considering that the FED will cut interest rates in order to minimize the impact of the economic damage caused by Covid-19; Almost no one expected it to change the interest rate, which it has kept at the same level since 15 March. The Federal Open Market Committee held its last meeting ahead of the upcoming US presidential election on Wednesday, September 16 (today) at 21:00. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell made the following statements in his press release at 21:30.

What Did FED Chairman Powell Said?

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell stated the following in his press release at 21:30:

“We are strongly committed to achieving maximum employment and price stability targets. FOMC members made significant changes to the policy statement.

Household spending recovered 75 percent of the decline. The pandemic had a serious impact on inflation. Economic activity has recovered from the levels seen in the second quarter. We are seeing signs of improvement in business investments.

In general, economic activity continues to be well below pre-pandemic levels; The path to follow continues to be uncertain.

Weak demand in sectors affected by the pandemic has driven consumer prices down, and inflation is below the Fed’s target. The outlook for the economy is extraordinarily uncertain. A full recovery in the economy is unlikely until people believe it is safe to do something. The path to follow will also depend on the policy decisions made by all branches of government.

We Cannot Reach 2% Target in 1 Month in Inflation

We maintain our commitment to using all the tools we have at hand . The Fed aims to keep inflation moderately above its 2 percent target for a while. The Fed is ready to adjust its monetary policy stance appropriately should risks develop to hurt its targets. […] We cannot reach the 2% target in inflation within 1 month. It is our expectation that it will average 2 percent over time.

The emergency vehicles we have implemented will go back to their boxes when the crisis is over. The financial steps taken so far have created significant differences. Direct financial support may be needed, and it may take some time for economic activity to return to pre-pandemic. Both monetary and fiscal policy support may need to continue to achieve full recovery. ”

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