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Coinbase Will Distribute To Ethereum Owners From This Altcoin

Coinbase Will Distribute To Ethereum Owners From This Altcoin.

OmiseGo, an Ethereum-based decentralized application (dApp), launched an airdrop for OMG Coin in the summer of 2017. However, at that time, Coinbase did not list this currency, that is, Ethereum owners doing business through the stock market were excluded.

However, starting May 21, OMG has become available on the primary Coinbase platform, along with users on iOS and Android apps. Coinbase says it will provide OMG to all customers who have held Ethereum since the original airdrop date.

Airdrop takes place this time

The news appeared on Twitter.’s chief marketing officer, Jordan Spence, posted a message from Coinbase, where Coinbase announced it would be a gift of OMG Coin because it had ETH during OMG’s initial distribution.

In the note from Spence to Coinbase, “On July 7, 2017, OmiseGo distributed OMG to ETH owners. However, since Coinbase did not support OMG at the time, we could not provide the airdrop, ”writes. “Coinbase started supporting OMG on May 21, 2020. OMG is given to you as you have ETH on Coinbase during the original airdrop. No action is required on your part. All eligible tokens have been deposited into your Coinbase account. ”

On May 18, Coinbase first provided institutional investors with access to OMG through Coinbase Pro. After this news, bullish signals appeared in Ethereum and its price increased by 25%. Other customers were able to access the coin in about 3 days.

OmiseGo (OMG), which also went on the attack with its listing on Coinbase, is trading at $ 1.61 at the time of writing.

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