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CNBC’s Finance Expert Evaluates Bitcoin and the Current State of the Market: The Big Bang is Coming!

CNBC’s Finance Expert Evaluates Bitcoin and the Current State of the Market: The Big Bang is Coming!

CNBC’s financial commentator and CEO of investment firm BKCM, Brian Kelly explains how the halving event will work and why it expects a significant price increase in Bitcoin and the market from now on.

Brian Kelly expects significant price hike in Bitcoin with halving effect

CNBC’s financial expert Brian Kelly, who usually explains Bitcoin data, expects a significant price increase in Bitcoin due to the halving effect . CNBC’s Bitcoin expert Brian Kelly said that after the halving event, Bitcoin would be less than gold, according to the Stock Flow Model. Brian Kelly explains in detail how a halving event works in the video and what it means for Bitcoin’s circulating resource. 

Brian Kelly says halving and the amount of Bitcoin produced by miners will be halved. CNBC financial commentator , Stock Flow Based on the model, Bitcoin would be less than gold, he added. Therefore, the famous analyst says that the price is likely to go up. While the whole world is doing quantitative expansion, analyst says Bitcoin will do a ‘quantitative hardening’. After the halvings in 2012 and 2016, Brian Kelly stated that the price of Bitcoin has increased considerably.

PlanB approved Brian Kelly’s comments!

Renowned analyst PlanB, the inventor of the Stock Flow Model, approved Brian Kelly’s comments and shared it on her Twitter page. The leading cryptocurrency , Bitcoin , is trading at $ 8,850, with minor increases at the time of writing. The flagship of cryptocurrencies currently has a market value of $ 162.5 billion. At the time of writing, Bitcoin manages a recent $ 24.6 billion trading volume with market cap.

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