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Chiliz Coin Future: When Will CHZ Rise Again?

Chiliz Coin Future: When Will CHZ Rise Again?

Chiliz (CHZ) is one of the most talked about coins in the cryptocurrency market lately. Although CHZ has been drawing a bearish chart recently, considering its performance a few weeks ago, it is still a cryptocurrency whose potential is curious.

CHZ Latest Status

CHZ, which hovered above $ 0.45 as of the time the article was written, seems to have recovered after the low of $ 0.27 it saw yesterday. However, considering the record level Chiliz broke with $ 0.94 on March 12, it can be stated that the price is still at low levels.


The CHZ price soared after Chiliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus said he would make a crucial partnership announcement. CHZ, which broke a record with $ 0.94 on March 12, rose to $ 0.7140 with the announcement of the Manchester City deal on March 19.

CHZ Price Expectations

According to analysts, the $ 0.47 level needs to be defended for a new bullish chart to start, and it is stated that the loss of this level could bring the lower levels back into the picture.

If the CHZ does not defend this important level, a retracement towards the $ 0.26 and $ 0.29 band may be experienced. In fact, considering that these levels have been tested recently, it is stated that a second withdrawal may be more permanent.

In addition, if CHZ gathers strength in its current region and increases with volume, it is thought that the first target could be $ 0.55. At this point, it should be noted that the aforementioned price expectations are short-term expectations.

CHZ Coin Future

The future for CHZ coin is very bright, according to analysts . Because the Chiliz platform appeals to a very wide area and it is thought that it will not be limited to football in the future. Therefore, CHZ2’s medium-term goals include $ 1 first and $ 10 among its long-term goals.

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