Chatex Implements Bitcoin and Crypto Money Trading over Telegram

Chatex Implements Bitcoin and Crypto Money Trading over Telegram.

The company recognizes the perspectives of the local market and wants to provide people with fairer access to the cryptocurrency, with less pay and more transparency.

In the context of the latest news that the Turkish government has prepared new legislation for the blockchain industry and is guided by altruistic principles , Chatex aims to be an example of how to implement a fair crypto-featured financial system in the deep monopolistic region. It should be noted that Chatex already has such experience, established several offices in Africa, and even provided training programs for the people there.

Why you need ChateX in Turkey?

Simply put, the cryptocurrency industry in the country is represented by several large-scale companies that monopolize the market. There are 2 local services that do not have competitors to offer the same or better terms. Thus, Chatex is coming to create a healthier and more socially focused competition .

It allows people to access a comprehensive peer-to-peer ecosystem that allows them to make cryptocurrency deals with other people and access multiple wallets for BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX, LTC and more for 9 digital assets.

Since the Chatex bot is based on the Telegram Messenger application, which is naturally easy to use, it takes seconds to buy or sell cryptocurrencies with the service. The bot has an intuitive interface and gives you tips at every stage of your work on the system.

In addition, all transfers within the system are free on Chatex . There are low withdrawal commission fees (0.0002 for BTC) as well as 0.7% and 0.15% fees for placing crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto ads, respectively.

Crypto trading in Chatex

On the bot, people can trade crypto assets with other real users. The bot acts as a guarantor and does not interfere with the agreements. If the problem arises, Chatex uses the arbitration system to solve it. Real person referees solve every problem and discuss individually. The entire Chatex support team, including referees, managers and assistants, consists of 24/7 professionals who will help a user deal with all bot issues within 15 minutes.In addition, the service has integrated a fraud prevention system and a rating system that helps users realize who they are encountering by viewing their ratings and number of reviews. Recently, Chatex has added a new badge feature to help users judge whether the partner is reliable.


The service supports the BitGo instant payment feature and the availability of setting up an additional PIN code on the Chatex account.

Since the bot is based on Telegram, which is known as a reliable and secure ecosystem, it is impossible to hack Chatex . Combined with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, Chatex bot has become one of the most transparent solutions on the market.

Chatex is dedicated to being a viable option for all types of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, from so-called hods that store crypto, to traders who trade and exchange profits, to profits.

About Chatex: Chatex is an officially licensed financial service operating under the General Regulation on the Protection of the European Union Personal Data (GDPR). As of now, approximately 110,000 active users are registered.



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