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Can Cardano (ADA) Continue Breaking Records? CEO Hoskinson Replied

Can Cardano (ADA) Continue Breaking Records? CEO Hoskinson Replied

Cardano (ADA), the fifth largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalization, has fallen again as the Mary hard fork loses its influence after climbing to third place.

The Cardano Network Begins to See Mary’s Effects

Although the effect of the Mary hard fork, which enables smart contracts to come to the Cardano network, lasted for weeks, the price drop hit ADA when the news, one of the classics of the crypto money industry, came true. After seeing the $ 1.5 level, ADA broke the all-time record, after that date, despite the listing news of the Coinbase exchange, it could not break the resistance.

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson answered many questions raised on Twitter with a single video. Hoskinson replied in his latest video, both awaiting updates and investors’ curiosity. The famous founder emphasized that an incredible number of decentralized applications are currently being submitted to the Cardano network, but they were unable to meet the demands and rejected some of them.

Hoskinson Speaks About ADA

While Hoskinson does not explain how this high demand will affect the price, the greater the Cardano network’s acceptance of decentralized financial applications such as the same Ethereum network could positively affect the price. In such a case, it seems inevitable that the price will be positively affected as more ADA purchases and use will occur.

In addition, Hoskinson hinted that Goguin, Cardano’s biggest update, could be implemented very soon. With Goguen, most of Cardano’s roadmap will be completed.

Stating that the ecosystem will be almost completely full when the Goguen update comes, Hoskinson also addressed the developers, emphasizing that all these are great opportunities for developers. Although Hoskinson did not give a clear price prediction, he stated that they will continue to break records in technical developments.

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