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Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum in Decline: This Altcoin Made a 100 Percent Rally!

Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum in Decline: This Altcoin Made a 100 Percent Rally!

Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum are trading in a downtrend. However, Altcoin, named Origin Protocol (OGN), rose sharply with the only announcement. Origin Protocol rose 100 percent in 1 day after the listing news from Huobi.

This altcoin rose sharply with the listing news from Huobi: 100 percent increase!

After Bitcoin slipped below $ 9,500, it started trading on the red board and put the whole market on a downtrend. At the time of writing, Ripple is losing momentum in Ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies. However, an altcoin rose strong and delighted its investors. Huobi, one of the leading Bitcoin and crypto exchanges, recently issued an announcement and announced that it will list an altcoin after a long time. He stated that he will be listed on the platform of Origin Protocol (OGN) in the stock market statement.

Origin Protocol rose sharply after the Huobi Stock Exchange’s listing news. Today, crypto money rose from $ 0.20-0.30 to $ 0.48 with the effect of the announcement. These figures point to a 100 percent increase in altcoin. In addition, Origin Protocol announced that it had partnered with a few days ago, but this development was not as effective as the news of being listed in Huobi.

Latest situation in altcoin called Origin Protocol (OGN)

At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency saw some retraction and is currently trading at $ 0.39, up 43 percent. Origin Protocol manages a last 24-hour transaction volume of $ 141 million at market value at the time of writing.

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