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Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum in Decline: This Altcoin Made 1,100 Percent Today!

Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum in Decline: This Altcoin Made 1,100 Percent Today!

Investors find it difficult to establish a clear view of the future of the market due to mixed trading sessions. However, the altcoin named Aurora (AOA) experienced a huge increase in a single day. In some Bitcoin exchanges, the price of Aurora (AOA) has experienced a price increase of 1,100 percent in a short time.

This altcoin experienced a 1.100 percent rise in 40 minutes

While Bitcoin has been following a stable trend , many altcoins have experienced large price increases in recent weeks. For this reason, many analysts have emerged recently, suggesting that the altcoin season has begun. Successful crypto analyst and trader Crypto Bitlord also says that Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) are on the verge of a rally that will embarrass the 2017 bull market. However, an altcoin dazzling with today’s price rise has attracted the attention of all investors. The cryptocurrency named Aurora (AOA) has held an incredible rally in the past 24 hours, and altcoin has experienced an increase of 1.100 percent in about 40 minutes.

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Then the price saw some retreat. The popular crypto currency Aurora (AOA) is trading at $ 0.01, up 230 percent at the time of writing. Altcoin currently has a market value of $ 90 million. Aurora (AOA) manages a last 24-hour transaction volume of $ 79 million at market value at the time of writing. Most of the Aurora (AOA) transactions are carried out on the South Korean-based cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb.

What is Aurora (AOA) and what does it aim?

Aurora is a Blockchain-based smart contract platform announced during the “Beyond the Blocks” event in Seoul, South Korea in May 2018. It was created to compete with Ethereum’s decentralized application ecosystem. Aurora (AOA), AuroraChain’s natural cryptocurrency, was originally named ABitchain (ABTC) and uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus mechanism.

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AuroraChain launched its main network in the summer of 2018, supporting both Ethereum Virtual Machine and Solidity programming language. AuroraChain’s average GAS fees are 0.0001 AOA and can reach the processing speeds of 2000 transactions (TPS) per second, which is equal to the EOS Blockchain. Key points that AuroraChain relieves in Ethereum’s Blockchain are congestion, scalability and upgradeability. He believes that the P2P stereo network is the way to do this. 

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