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Binance’s Key Step Against Potential Danger in the USA

Binance’s Key Step Against Potential Danger in the USA

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, may be particularly vulnerable to threats from the USA. The unbearable attitude of the USA’s many leading crypto money projects and exchanges may have targeted Binance, according to the recent allegations.

Is Binance’s Fear of Regulation Increasing?

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has announced the announcement in the past weeks and emphasized that there will be a great improvement. After CZ’s announcement, it turned out that the announcement was the joining of Maxwell Baucus, one of the former senators of the USA, to the Binance team. Although this news caused the BNB price to rise in the short term, the big improvement was that only one bureaucrat joined the Binance team, causing the BNB price to fall again.


This step taken by Binance after the allegation that an investigation was launched against him by US officials recently brought to mind that the claim could be true. Now it turns out that one of the world’s largest financial regulators of the giant crypto currency exchange has recruited two former employees to its team.

Two Important Names Join Binance

Rick McDonell, secretary general, and Josee Nadeua, head of the Canadian delegation, joined the Binance team. In particular, McDonell’s previous work in different departments such as anti-money laundering and the Drugs and Crime Unit shows how important this recruitment is.

The two important names will now regulate Binance’s relations with regulators and ensure that the growth in the cryptocurrency sector continues in accordance with the law. FATF recently signaled that it will change regulations regarding cryptocurrencies, and this step of Binance is seen as preparing itself for the storm.

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