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Binance Founder’s Secret Mail Leaked: “We Are Ready For The Answer To The Attacks”

Binance Founder’s Secret Mail Leaked: “We Are Ready For The Answer To The Attacks”

In a secret email sent today, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) heavily criticized Chinese rivals without name, and accused them of “trying to attack” the stock market. CZ told company employees that Binance would defend itself.The mail, the authenticity of which has been confirmed by more than one Binance employee, is in both English and Chinese. Mail says that Binance’s Chinese rivals “are trying to attack the stock market brutally using non-professional methods”.

Attacks on Binance

CZ accuses rivals of launching a denied denial of service (DDoS) attack on Binance’s system, gathering fake Binance users to protest against the stock exchange, spreading “fake news” about the company, and organizing people to complain to official authorities.Binance’s competition against other Chinese exchanges, including Huobi and OKEx, is not new. In both social media and private group chats, Binance CMO Yi has often claimed that Binance’s competitors are trying to influence the stock market by issuing fake reports and paying some media to publish negative news.

Reason for Attack

In the mail sent to the staff, Zhao states that rival exchanges attacked Binance because they thought the stock exchange did not have “strong [government] relations” in China and says:

“By thinking that we don’t have a strong relationship with the government in China, they may think that this will harm us. Both are wrong. We never proactively attack others, but we will definitely defend ourselves on something like defense. ”

What is the reason for the mail?

Although it is not entirely clear what caused this mail, it is stated that there may be some negative local promotions recently.

Earlier this month, Chinese state media CCTV reported that Binance still allows local users to trade cryptocurrencies through Binance stated that this is only a test site and that “most of its users are from Egypt”, saying this is not true. However, the incident may have caused tension among some employees. CZ said, “There is not much to worry about Binance employees”.

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