Billionaire Soros’ Former Advisor: “Paul Tudor’s Bitcoin Investment Wasn’t Surprising”

Billionaire Soros’ Former Advisor: “Paul Tudor’s Bitcoin Investment Wasn’t Surprising”

Macro investor Paul Tudor Jones caused an increase for the entire crypto market, when he confirmed his Bitcoin ( BTC ) investment. Many crypto traders welcomed this surprise move; he stressed that this shows the change in the traditional sector.Takeshi Fujimaki, a former consultant to George Soros, said that Jones’ move was not a surprise, given the current state of money inflation from the central bank.

Fujimaki is also known as the “enemy of Kuroda” due to his criticism of a former Japanese deputy and Chairman of the Japanese Central Bank, Haruhiko Kuroda. Fujimaki, who was in close contact with Paul Tudor while he was a Trader, said:

“Louis Bacon, George Soros, Paul Tudor, Julian Rovertson… I often spoke to them on the phone, met them personally and talked about a lot of things. The mentalities of these people are always the same. They look at the long run and catch a big trend. The inclusion of Paul Tudor into the crypto asset world means that he takes inflation seriously and believes that crypto assets are developing in this case. ”

“Bitcoin investment is quite natural”

Fujimaki, when central banks drown the market in new money; He asked that a question should be asked about where all this would go. “I think it is quite natural to invest the money in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin,” under the digital “,” he added.PTJ, founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, announced last month that Bitcoin is part of its portfolio. He cited the “Big Money Inflation” as the reason for buying Bitcoin and argued that Bitcoin could be a protection against inflation. He also used the expressions “Bitcoin reminds me of gold in 1976” .

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