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Biggest RippleForecast from Analyst Predicting the Downtrend in 2018!

Biggest Ripple Forecast from Analyst Predicting the Downtrend in 2018!

Peter Brandt, one of the market’s veteran analysts, says he thinks Ripple (XRP) will see a big increase in the near future. Brandt had previously correctly predicted the decline in Bitcoin in January 2018.

Is the Rise Beginning in Ripple?

In a post he made on Twitter, Peter Brandt stated that XRP ended the 3-year decline and consolidation process and switched to the bullish model.

In a statement targeting people with XRP investments, Brandt states that XRP’s current position in the SEC case is positive and enjoys it, so to speak.

In addition, the analyst stated that XRP is currently technically positive and the price is moving towards a new record. XRP hit its all-time high in January 2018 with $ 3.84. If Brandt’s prediction comes true, XRP should rise above this level. When the current prices are evaluated, this means that there will be an increase of approximately 3 times.

Ripple Price
Ripple Price Analysis

A 275% Increase is Expected in Ripple!

If Brandt’s script becomes real, XRP will increase by approximately 275% from its Ripple current price . However, Brandt thinks the XRP will set a new all-time record, which points to a larger increase.

In addition to these, Brandt recently stated in another statement he made on Twitter that XRP also gained strength against Bitcoin. According to the popular analyst, this should be considered as a serious buy signal for XRP, which is the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

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