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Attack on PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Cream Finance (CREAM)! Warning From Platforms!

Attack on PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Cream Finance (CREAM)! Warning From Platforms!

According to the information obtained, a DNS attack took place against PancakeSwap and Cream Finance. Those who want to enter the sites are directed to other DNS and the opened site requests “seed” information from users.

PancakeSwap made a statement regarding the issue and used the following statements:

“This situation has now been confirmed. DO NOT go to Pancakeswap until you confirm that everything is fine. NEVER enter your SEED words or private keys into a website. We are now working on improvement. We are sorry for the problem. “

Likewise, a statement came from Cream Finance: “Our DNS has been compromised by a third party; some users see requests for SEED information at DO NOT enter your SEED information. We will never ask you to submit any private key or SEED phrase. ”

PancakeSwap announced that the funds are safe as long as the seeds are not posted on the referring site.

Samuel Hegi

Samuel Hegi , who first became acquainted with blockchain technology in 2014, is highly critical of blockchain technology. Samuel Hegi, a journalism graduate from the University of Brighton he is the editor-in-chief of the news portal. Blockchain is love.

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