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Another Good News For XRP: Officially Steps Into The DeFi Industry

Another Good News For XRP: Officially Steps Into The DeFi Industry

XRP, the fourth largest cryptocurrency by total market cap, has certainly attracted everyone’s attention with its recent rise. Although the main reason for the rise in XRP price is what happened in the Ripple case, external factors continue to fuel this rally.

XRP Price Reaches Record Of The Year At $ 1.46

XRP price climbed 153% in 7 days to $ 1.46 and reached a point not seen in 3 years. This rise in XRP price certainly surprised XRP enemies as well as its investors.

As XRP continued to rise, several cryptocurrency exchanges again listed XRP, which caused great public shock. Despite this, the continued positive news from the case increased the number of companies that have made improvements regarding XRP. Now, an important development has been shared that will read XRP into the DeFi world.

This Announcement Has a Share in the Rise of XRP

Wanchain CEO and co-founder Jack Lu emphasized in a statement on Twitter that XRP has now joined the Wanchain network. Wanchain’s decentralized blockchain networks enable many cryptocurrencies to enter and use the DeFi world. XRP has also qualified to be one of them, and this may be the main reason the price has risen in the past 24 hours.

Jack Lu Ripple
Jack Lu Ripple

Jack Lu emphasized in the video he published on the subject that XRP investors can now take advantage of DeFi services such as staking, yield farming or similar. Addressing all XRP investors, Jack Lu seems to offer passive returns to XRP holders for a long time.

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