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Another Giant Crypto Exchange After Coinbase Gives IPO History

Another Giant Crypto Exchange After Coinbase Gives IPO History

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA, recently announced that it will go public. By choosing to go public after a record first quarter, Coinbase may have actually done something many cryptocurrency exchanges had planned for a long time.

Coinbase Opens Door To Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Coinbase , which will be offered to the public on April 14, seems to be attracting other crypto money exchanges. According to information provided by CNBC, another giant cryptocurrency exchange of the USA, Kraken, may also be offered to the public soon. Although there is no clear statement made by Kraken, it is claimed that it will choose to be listed directly, just like Coinbase.

It is stated that Kraken, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA, is expected to be in 2022 for the preparation of the public offering. It is known that Coinbase’s IPO announcement brought a serious rise to the cryptocurrency industry and a record for exchange tokens. This actually points out that with the public offering of other crypto money exchanges such as Kraken, the slowdown in the sector and the transition to the bear market can be prevented.

Kraken Marks 2022 History

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell also recently emphasized that he could consider an IPO next year. The fact that this will be done with the direct listing method, which gives more rights to previous investors such as Coinbase, is interpreted as an expected situation from crypto money exchanges. Although CEO Powell stated that he would expect a valuation of $ 10 billion to be offered to the public, the year 2022 seems final.

Kraken does not have its own cryptocurrency, which may in fact have not taken such a step due to pressure from regulators such as Coinbase. However, the public offering of Binance, which currently has its own cryptocurrency, can literally set a record for the BNB price.

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