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AllSafe project introduced many applications for the currency to reach global adoption

AllSafe project introduced many applications for the currency to reach global adoption.

In the global economy, common fiat currencies such as the dollar or the euro are currently usable in far more places than cryptocurrencies. Even if the number of possibilities increases as blockchain solutions are developed around the world, it is important to always innovate to provide concrete and practical use cases, either for everyday life or for provide a certain level of entertainment for its users. This is the vision that AllSafe has chosen to apply and follow within its project and with the objective of offering its community and the crypto world in general multiple solutions to use AllSafe coins easily.

For reminder, AllSafe coin is a crypto currency inspired from many old crypto projects amongst the bests including BTC. The project is based on a multi-consensus MN/Proof-of-Stake that offers a great incentive to join the community and hold the currency for long-term to be rewarded. Since its inception, the AllSafe team has been working tirelessly to think and to implement innovative ideas to use the currency and already successfully launched AllSafe Coupon, Lottery and 1000 club. Following the same path, they recently made an announcement regarding the release of several new features in the ecosystem.

Bitcoin Mining


In the same way as some platforms offering cloud mining, AllSafe recently announced the launch of Bitcoin mining with a concrete use case for the AllSafe currency since the available hash rate is only purchasable via the project’s cryptocurrency. This new feature allows users to have a lifetime contract with the possibility of earning 0.00000020 BTC amount of Bitcoin daily from 100 GHS. Today, the ratio is based on a price around $ 4 per 100 GHS is only $ 4 even though the price may be subject to daily changes. To give more details, AllSafe launches an ASIC to obtain mixed mining from renting.

Gambling solutions for entertainment purposes

All Safe Coin New

TipCC platform

AllSafe has been recently added on Tipcc platform, being used in the game as a payment solution. With Tipcc and AllSafe coins, the community can play Dice easily to multiply the quantity of assets they hold. The details regarding this implementation can be found on the official site at

Additional clubs

In addition, after the launch of the 1000 club that we mentioned in our previous article ( a club requires to hold a certain amount of AllSafe to be eligible) around the project, the AllSafe team has also formalized several new clubs to diversify its offer and give the opportunity to more investors to participate:

  • The 2500 Club allowing to receive 1 room per day
  • The 5000 Club allowing to receive 2 coins each day
  • The 10,000 Club giving the possibility of winning 4 coins per day
All Safe Coin New

A fair lottery accessible to everyone

Finally, our partner AllSafe offers the possibility of playing a fair lottery available to everyone, including an exceptionally low entry pass, allowing anyone to have the same chances of participating and winning. It is only essential to buy a $ 1 coupon in order to participate for the chance to win 1000 coins every month, forever in a few clicks.

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