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A Big Feature Comes to Ripple! “XRP Price May Increase”

A Big Feature Comes to Ripple! “XRP Price May Increase”

Ripple’s development platform offers to add a privacy feature to the XRP Ledger. But can XRP really offer privacy like privacy-focused cryptocurrencies? How does this feature affect XRP price?

Can privacy feature be added to XRP Ledger?

Ripple ‘s development arm, Xpring, brought a new offer to the XRP Ledger to add a privacy feature. The offer is now available for community members to review via GitHub. In his blog post, Warren Paul Anderson, head of the Xpring developer community, explains that XRP can be anonymized using “blind tags” that send and hide the source and destination tags from anyone other than the source. This way, private payments on the XRP Ledger will appear ‘random’ to third parties.  

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Xpring also made a statement about the Xpring Wallet, which added support for the STREAM protocol. This protocol allows users to send and receive transactions in the form of cryptocurrencies or data packets via an independent Blockchain Interledger by establishing an HTTP connection. Now all developers can integrate streaming payments into their apps using TestNet XRP .

How is the price affected when “privacy” is introduced to Ripple (XRP)?

As the developers pointed out, when Ripple’s XRP Ledger is brought “privacy” feature, it can turn to XRP in masses that use privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies other than existing XRP investors. According to experts, in this case XRP is exposed to a new wave of mass adoption, which positively affects the price increase. For other critical news about cryptocurrencies , “Epic Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Altcoin Forecast from Kraken CEO!” You can review our article named.

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