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2 World Famous Trader Ethereum Announces Their Predictions and Point These Levels!

2 World Famous Trader Ethereum Announces Their Predictions and Point These Levels!

Also, according to successful analyst Josh Rager, buying ETH now (under $ 300) is similar to buying ETH at low prices a few years ago.

Josh Rager: Ethereum will increase dramatically after exceeding the $ 306 threshold!

ETH reached $ 300 for the first time in June 2017. Then it fell several times, but it has been trading steadily above this level since September. In November 2017, the second largest currency launched the bull run and rose to the $ 1,300 ATH level in early January. Josh Rager makes the following critical statement about Ethereum :


Ethereum news
Ethereum news

In his new statements, Josh Rager believes that the acquisition of ETH now is the same as buying crypto coins before the 2017 rally, where not only ETH and Bitcoin have reached the all-time highs of $ 1,300 and $ 20,000, but also many altcoin prices. However, the master trader suspects that ETH will rise until Bitcoin exceeds the $ 10,000 level. However, the analyst also believes that the price of ETH will increase significantly after exceeding the $ 306 threshold.

Michael van de Poppe: Ethereum is in the process of accumulation right now!

World-renowned cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe recently   shared his analysis, which ETH has indicated is now experiencing an accumulation phase. ETH has been trading at this stage since September 2018 and in this narrow range since the analyst since. Michael van de Poppe accurately predicted an altcoin season in the first quarter of 2020. Also, the analyst has predicted some of the recent Bitcoin drops in the past, and there are other successful BTC forecasts.

Ethereum news
Ethereum news

According to experts, the market shows some signs that require significant ETH momentum in the future. One of them is that hedge funds and especially Grayscale bought Bitcoin and Ethereum in large quantities. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, is trading at $ 236, up 1.5 percent at the time of writing. The largest altcoin currently has a market value of $ 26.3 billion.

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